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משרות - Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

Quantum Researcher

Ph.D. degree in Physics, Computer science, EE, Mathematics or equivalent Serious acquaintance with the area of quantum computation and/or quantum many-body systems. Experience in working closely with at least one of the following: numerical simulations, data analysis, computer experiments, optimization algorithms, ML, or equivalent - strong advantage.

Quantum Scientist

MSc and above (excellent candidates with Bsc will be considered) in Physics, Computer science, EE, Mathematics or equivalent. Strong hands-on programming experience in relation with scientific/physical data and its analysis, numerical simulations, optimization, ML, or equivalent.

SW engineer

3+ years of experience in advanced programming in the Python language. Experience in working with scientific data/numerics using Python; familiarity with numpy, scipy, pandas. Working with APIs and interfacing with complex systems. Familiarity with cloud services such as AWS / GCS / Azure – Advantage. High self-study ability.

Weizmann Alumni who work here

Weizmann Alumni
who work here

Omri Golan

Ori Alberton

Asif Sinay (CEO)

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Asif Sinay, PhD, CEO