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משרות - Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

Discovery Research Associate

We are seeking a Discovery Research Associate to enhance Anima’s High Throughput Screening (HTPS) capabilities

Neurobiology Project Leader

We are seeking a determined and skilled scientist for a drug discovery team focused on neurobiology targets. The successful candidate will play a critical role in the efforts to discover and develop new drugs for neurodegenerative diseases

Oncology Project Leader

We are looking for a Research Scientist to join our oncology team for a project leader position. The successful candidate will be a highly motivated scientist with a deep understanding in cancer biology

Technology Associate Researcher

We are seeking a highly skilled and motivated scientist to enhance our target deconvolution capabilities. The successful candidate will play a role in a core group responsible for mechanism-of-action studies using cutting edge technologies, to identify the mechanisms through which our compounds employ their efficacy

Weizmann Alumni who work here

Weizmann Alumni
who work here

Rina Wassermann

Moty Klepfish

Hanoch Tempelhof

Amihai Karniel

Orit Matcovitch-Natan

Iris Alroy

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Hilla Sade Shimshi